Morocco 2014 trip



Directed by Bill Bachmann & Harold Davis

November 3 - 20, 2014

This is an exceptional opportunity to travel to exciting Spain and then all over colorful Morocco.  You will seldom have the chance to capture so many wonderful images from both of these countries (and continents) with help from two top professional photographers leading the way.  Harold Davis is an internationally known fine art guru that the entire group can experience his excellent methods of shooting. Bill Bachmann, on the other hand, can demonstrate how to make your travel pictures better, more marketable and how you can make money from this trip and others in the future. There will be more about these two photographers at the end of this itinerary.


The last day in Lisbon, Portugal is an extra bonus. This entire Photographic Caravan is an opportunity that will allow each of the travelers to become a better photographer & traveler in many extraordinary ways.

All of our hotels will be 4-star hotels and will also include breakfast.  There will be other included meals and activities with guides for most of the trip as noted. 



National Palace architecture in Barcelona is a fabulous sight. Barcelona is a beautiful European city.

Gaudi's fabulous Sagrada Familia is unlike any cathedral in the world. It has still never been finished!

Inside we can take great imagery of the striking Granada Cathedral.


Las Ramblas is the walking street of Barcelona in daylight or at night. Our hotel will be real close.

The Alhambra is one of the most stunning monuments of humanity located in Granada!

Fabulous neighborhood of El Albayzin has maze-like narrow passages where we all can walk around the maze and take pictures.




Day 1   11/3   Fly from Newark to Barcelona, Spain
If you are traveling with the group from the USA, we will meet in Newark, NJ and fly in the evening on United all night arriving in Barcelona in the morning.  If you are going on your own to Europe, you only need to meet the group at the hotel on November 4th.

Day 2    11/4    Arrival Barcelona in the morning
The capital of the Catalonia region is the second city of the Kingdom of Spain. It is at the same time one of the great symbols of the Western Mediterranean world, a city full of life and perfect for excitement. Barcelona is also an important European cultural center with numerous pieces of art and architecture from the famous Catalan art nouveau period.

Half Day Tour from 1pm - 5pm.  Go to see Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia Basilica Church, which was never finished and never equaled. It is estimated that this modernist masterpiece, which Antoni Gaudi designed and worked on from 1882 until his death in 1926, will take another decade to complete. We will also see other local architecture as time permits.  Lunch will be included.  Bus and guide will allow us to stop and get away to take pictures on this day (and most days) as we are a photography group and we will be flexible to shoot where and when there are opportunities.

 Many will want to shoot around Harold Davis and share his love for true fine art photography.  Or others may want to go off on their own to shoot or stop and shoot with Bill Bachmann, who specializes in travel and commercial imagery.  This will be the opportunity through the entire trip as two really diverse styles will be shown and examples & instruction given as needed. We will return at dark to our hotel España Ramblas early for dinner and relaxing on your own and early to bed to get much needed rest.

Hotel España Ramblas 4*

Day 3     11/5    Barcelona
Noon to 8pm  Get up and relax at breakfast as late as you want after the long flight.  Or get up early and go around hotel and shoot on your own.  .
 At noon we will go together on the bus and visit the wonderful Old Barcelona’s Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter. This is the most relaxing and colorful of all of Barcelona -- with its walks, cafes, striking architecture and lifestyle.  We will also shoot some twilight imagery as the sun sets at that magic blue time of night.  A café dinner will be included tonight.
Return to Hotel Espana Ramblas overnight.

Day 4   11/6    Barcelona to Granada
Breakfast at the hotel

Departure to Granada. Distance: 550 Miles. The only long driving day on the whole trip, so we’ll all pack snacks for the drive.  We will stop for coffee, bathrooms and maybe a photo or two. We will drive the whole Costa del Sol along the southern coast of Spain.  There will be time for a few stops, but mostly we will see the ocean and drive in relaxing comfort on the bus. Arrive in the beautiful city of Granada in time for a late supper, looking forward to exploring Granada all day the next day.

Check-in and overnight at the hotel.
Hotel NH Victoria 4* Collection

Day 5   11/7   Granada
Granada: the magical adventure
Granada is absolutely unique in the world. The city where the Spirit of old Moorish times seems to reincarnate in a symphony of colors, sensations and of course, emotions.  The Alhambra is in itself one of the most stunning monuments of humanity. But the entire city needs to be discovered. It is a wonderful experience, one of the most intense experiences that one can go through in Southern Europe.
Breakfast at the hotel.  

All day with guide as we explore the fantastic charm of Granada.  Visit the Alhambra Palaces & Gardens. Spend time at the Granada Cathedral and also El Albayzin, an ancient neighborhood on a hill across from the Alhambra.  You can get lost in the maze-like passages of this World Heritage Site.
Overnight Hotel NH Victoria.

We will be near the Rock of Gibraltar to take pictures. It is quite impressive as it "guards" the Mediterranean Ocean.

The fabulous Grand Socco Market Square .



Colorful Lighthouse at Cape Spartel.

Berber women with their unusual costumes
selling in the various markets.





Day 6   11/8   Ferry past Rock of Gibraltar to Tangier
The old port situated in front of the Spanish coast has always been a source of inspiration for European writers, painters and musicians. Is this a type of legend? The fact is that all the stories and mythic personalities still fascinate the travelers who come from the entire world to admire the city and its past

Breakfast at the Hotel.
Departure to the straits of Gibraltar (03:30 hours drive ) and Ferry to Tangier. Meet & Greet with the Morocco Tour Director. Sightseeing of Tangier, at the Medina and Grand Socco Market Square.  We will take people pictures of the Morocco culture.  Lunch (not included) on ferry and dinner on your own.

Check-in at the hotel in front of the beach and overnight at hotel.

Hotel Atlas Les Almohades 4*

Day 7   11/9     Tangier to Rabat
The capital of the country is an elegant and quiet city. With a lot of antique roots from the old Mediterranean world It was created as “Ribat” in the 10th century and keeps a lot of treasures from its past.

Breakfast at the hotel
Departure to Rabat.  City tour 4 hrs. with main monuments.  We will visit the Kasbah of the Oudaias with its white-washed houses and simple shapes as they have been for millennia.  We will also photograph locals in the Old Medina, which is safe in its winding streets to explore alone for a while.  We will see the unfinished Le Tour Hassen, a tall minaret surrounded by broken pillars and gardens. 
Check-in at the hotel in Rabat

Hotel Belere 4*

The picturesque Le Tour Hassan with it's ancient walls and pillars.
November should have beautiful blue skys.

The colorful blue and white walls in a narrow street of the capital Rabat.



I personally am afraid of snakes. But even I love all the images we
take of snake charmers all over Morocco.

As close as you'll want to get to snakes!




Day 8    11/10    Rabat to Marrakech
Breakfast at the hotel
Departure to Marrakech.  We head towards interior Morocco and our bus becomes the “Marrakech Express!” (Do you remember the popular 1969 Crosby, Stills & Nash song?) We will stop often for photos along the way.
Check-in at the hotel and overnight for two nights.

Dellarosa Suites & Spa  4*

Day 9   11/11   Marrakech
French people say: Paris has 20 districts, Marrakech is number 21. Evidently French artists are deeply in love with the city for it’s artistic treasures, for the magnificent landscapes with the Atlas Mountains beyond, but more essentially for its specific and amazingly seductive creativity.

Marrakech, city of fables and dreams, what can one say that could live up to the  incredible reality?

Breakfast at the hotel
City tour all day with time to shoot on the streets and at the main monuments: Menara Gardens is beautiful; Djemaa el Fna is a combination of market, bazaar, camel market, snake charmers, monkey handlers, street dentists, etc. If you’re purchasing some memento, remember bargain, bargain and bargain some more and write down your numbers so there’s no misunderstanding, for instance, whether you said 15 or 50.  We will have time to explore sights including the Koutoubia Minaret, Bahia Palace, Ben Youssef old school…, the Medina to shop. Lunch is included. A more than full day for sure.

Overnight again at the Dellarosa Suites.

Magical Marrakech. This is the main Medina (or market).

Morocco is the place to take close ups of unique faces.



Spices everywhere waiting for our cameras.

Another Medina with everything for sale.







Day 10   11/12   Marrakech to Ouarzazate
From Marrakech to Merzouga: The Atlas & Sahara Adventure
Crossing the Atlas Mountains is not an ordinary adventure! There is something truly mythic in going out of Marrakech in direction to the south, with the dramatic change of landscapes and civilization. Step by step we will approach the desert, discovering incredible Kasbahs and magnificent oasis. Aït Benhaddo, Erfoud, Todra, Ouarzazate, and finally the dunes of Merzouga, the door of the Sahara desert.

Breakfast at the hotel
Today we will cross the Atlas Mountains to go to Ouarzazate (120 miles)   We will make lots of stops for photographs, one of them in the amazing Kasbah of Aït Benaddo  (free time to visit  there).  You should have time to photograph locals around the hotel when we arrive and/or night images of markets. 

Check-in at the hotel in Ouarzazate and overnight.

Hotel Le Fint 4* (3* level)

Day 11   11/13    Ouarzazate to Boullmane Dades
Breakfast at the hotel.

Sahara adventure day #1:  “The valley of thousand Kasbahs”.
The Dades Valley, or “Road of a thousand Kasbahs” runs from Ouarzazate and stretches 100 miles to the east to Tineghir and the Todra Gorge.  The drive is spectacular, with hundreds of Kasbahs lining the route, winding through stunning desert landscapes, villages, palm groves, and with the expansive Jebel Sarhro lunar-scape to the south .The Dades Valley is called the Country of the Figs, which distinguishes it from the drier Draa Valley to the South of Ouarzazate which is called the country of the Dates. The Dades Valley has a wild landscape, with snow on one side and semi-desert on the other. Its savage grandeur and unearthly silence can be equalled only by the Grand Canyon.  The Dades River flows through the valley quenching a miraculous, winding  path of fruit, walnut, wheat, silver birch and almond trees, set against an extraordinary backdrop of spectacular rock formations.

Check in at the hotel in Boulmane Dades and overnight
Hotel Kasbah Tizzarouine

Day 12    11/14   Merzouga Dunes & Camps
Breakfast at the hotel

Safari adventure day #2:  Todra Canyon and Merzouga sand dunes

What makes this day’s itinerary unique in the world is the fact that we cross one of the most spectacular canyons worldwide and at the end we enter directly in the Sahara desert with its typical sand dunes. A true and unforgettable experience !

4x4/Four Wheelers tour on the sand dunes included; Camel Rides also included if you want.  If you don’t want it, you can take pictures of us doing it! All meals included.   You also can take an optional 4 wheel ATV ride – not sure of cost right now.  Accommodation in Luxury camp in the Sahara.  This will be a place & night you will long remember!
Overnight in Camp.

Bivouac Las Palmeras, Luxury desert Camp

We will all love the color and imagery when we get to the Sahara Desert.

Four-Wheel drive vehicles will take us around the desert.



This is our Las Palmeras Camp Resort in the desert.

Another picture at the Las Palmeras.



This will be us! I have included a one hour camel ride if
you want to ride them. If not, take pictures of the rest of us.

Can you imagine yourself riding on a camel here?


Day 13   11/15    Merzouga to Fez
Breakfast at the camp
Departure to Fez (4 Hrs.), Lots of time to stop and take pictures on the way.  Can do some night shots in markets of Fez.

 Check-in at the hotel and overnight.
Hotel Volubilis 4*

Day 14   11/16 Fez
One of the most extraordinary World’s Heritage of Northern Africa, Fez is the most ancient Imperial City of Morocco -- a fascinating city where you will find the most authentic Morocco, the sacred soul of the country. Fez has retained from its old times a unique atmosphere which has to be discovered slowly as a pure delight.

Breakfast at hotel.
Full day tour of all the highlights of Fez.  Lunch included.  Some of the things we will see:  The famous Chaouwara Tanneries – what pictures you will take here!  Colored dyes in large bases and perfect for photos.  Madrasa Bou Inania – the oldest continually operating school in the world.  We’ll see Iba Danan Synagogue, an elegant 18th Century worship center with a vibrant Jewish community and also the Old Medina – a spectacular ancient walled city within a city is the largest urban area without cars in the world!

Overnight again at the Hotel Volubilis.

HDR color is made for Morocco!

A beautiful picture of children in the streets of Fez.



Sheep market image in Fez.

Palace Dar El Mankhzen in Meknes. Love the cool weather and
blue skys in November in Morocco.



One of the highlights... the tanneries of Fez. We can get far away
shots or really cool close-ups of the dye colors.

Old Medina in Fez. We will never tire of shooting
the local people in the markets!



Day 15   11/17    Fez / Meknes / Casablanca
Breakfast at the hotel

Visit of Meknes 4 hrs. with main monuments and local guide. Most popular sites are in the Medina area and include: the Medersa Bou Inania – an ornately decorated Koran school built in the 14th century, Dar Jamai Palace, the 10th century Nejjarin Mosque and Dar El Beida Palace.

Lunch included. 

Departure to Casablanca (2.5, check-in at the hotel and overnight.

Atlas Les Almohades 4*

Day 16   11/18    Casablanca

Casablanca, financial & business capital of Morocco
Casablanca is the symbol of the modern development of the country. However, if it has much less to show than imperial cities of old Morocco, this very effervescent center is also a reference for the movie lovers and fans of literature.

Breakfast at the hotel.   Anyone who doesn’t say “Play It Again Sam” or “Here’s Looking At You Kid” at least once will be kicked off the bus!
Tour of City and area.  See Hassan II Mosque, it is the third largest mosque and has the  tallest Minaret in the world. Non-Muslims are allowed inside. The famous Ain Diab y La Corniche Beach with restaurants, cafes and shops is nearby. Lunch included. As time allows, The Central Market and the Royal Palace.  Any other sites such as Old or New Medina as per suggestions of guide.

Dinner on your own.
Overnight again in Hotel Atlas Les Almohades.

Colorful close-up opportunities in all the markets.

A man and his chicken. You'll see everything in Morocco.



Children in Casablanca. Most of the children are
happy to be photographed by Western people.

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.







Day 17   11/19   Depart Casablanca / fly to Lisbon, Portugal
Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport. Morning flight to Lisbon, arriving about 12:30 pm.  Time to go on a bus all afternoon to see the main sights in this Portugal city.  Transfer to a Lisbon Hotel near the airport with a restaurant suitable for included Farewell Dinner (or within walking distance) Bill & Harold will be paying for this special dinner.

Day 18   11/20   Fly direct from Lisbon to Newark
Transfer to airport for direct flight back to the USA arriving around 1:40 pm.  Those that make their own reservations can stay in Europe or make plans to depart.




Total Cost:  $5695 pays for the trip with all the items on the above itinerary.

Single supplement is $695. **

** We will do all we can to “double up” to get you a roommate if you want to save on the single room supplement.  It usually works out evenly for those who want to share a room.

The Price includes:

Tour 18 days /17 nights Spain/Morocco/Portugal as indicated in the program:
Bus transportation and meals included in itinerary
Hotels 4-Star indicated in the program or similar in Bed and Breakfast accommodation
Tour director in Morocco and Tour Guide in Spain except for drive day from Barcelona to Granada.   Tour Guide for our special bonus of a half day exploring Lisbon.
Entrance to main monuments
Ferry Algeciras / Tanger tourist class (the Spanish bus does not go in the ferry)
Flight from Casablanca to Lisbon, Portugal
Camel ride for 1-hour in the sands dunes on day 12 (with tea and pastries)
4x4 to the camp
Accommodation in Luxury tents in the desert
VAT taxes as existing on 01/28/2014

Not Included/ supplements

International flights from USA to Europe and back, (Bill & Harold will work on getting best rate for international flights if you want to travel with the entire group together)
Barcelona tourist tax at hotel
All meals not included in itinerary
All alcohol and drinks
All incidentals and souvenirs
All tips for porters and major & local guides

General conditions:
The prices are only valid for a group of minimum 20 people





To reserve your space on this exciting trip, you must do the following quickly:

1. Check made out for $500 to "Bill Bachmann."

2. Must print, fill out & include the Registration Form - CLICK HERE -

3. Photo copy of your passport photo page..... make sure it does not expire by May 20, 2015.

4. Email Bill at so that he can keep track of spaces filled even before your check/reg form arrives.


To help Bill organize our group and to make sure to hold a spot, mail all of this RIGHT AWAY to:

Bill Bachmann
PO Box 950077
Lake Mary, FL 32795-0077


Any questions email me at the studio RIGHT AWAY!


About your leaders:

Bill Bachmann

Bill has traveled on assignment in commercial photography his entire adult life.  He has shot in over 180 countries on all 7 continents, photographed over 1300 magazine covers, worked with four US Presidents and has written 15 books.   He  has worked for many of the top advertising agencies, magazines, cruises, airlines, and tourism boards in the world, along with many Fortune 500 Companies.  Based in Orlando, Florida, Bill is universally regarded as one of the top five selling stock photographers in the world, with his images being marketed in 71 international agencies.  His pictures are used weekly in almost all the developed countries on this planet.

Bill is the person on this trip that can show you how to make 1) better travel images and 2) more MARKETABLE images from this trip.  Bill will give a short lecture on “How To Make This Trip Pay For Itself” after you get home.  He will also be available for questions on how to get into the commercial photography world.

His award-winning  website is:


Harold Davis

Harold Davis is an internationally-known digital artist and award-winning professional photographer. He is the author of many bestselling photography books. His most recent titles are The Way of the Digital Photographer (a “best photography book” of 2013, published by Peachpit Press) and Monochromatic HDR Photography, published by Focal Press. In addition to his activity as a bestselling book author, Harold Davis is a Moab Master printmaker and a Zeiss Lens Ambassador.

Harold Davis’s work is widely collected, licensed by art publishers, and has appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. His black and white prints have been described as “hauntingly beautiful” by Fine Art Printer Magazine, and his floral prints have been called “ethereal,” with “a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual” by Popular Photography.

Harold Davis leads popular technique and destination photography workshops to many locations including Paris, France; Heidelberg, Germany; and the ancient Bristlecone Pines of the eastern Sierra Nevada.

You can learn more about Harold and his work on his website, , and by reading his popular blog, .